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A thought on napping

Posted by popcornopinion on July 10, 2010

So it’s 12:20am and I am lying in bed half awake after a failed attempt at a nap on Friday night. I dont know where the theory of my name came from, as logically after 9pm it’s easier and more effective to just sleep the night away, but sometimes you tell yourself, let me close my eyes for 20 minutes and then I can power through x plan.

That was my goal tonight, I had enough small things to handle and there was no way I wanted to spend Friday night sleeping, nor would the fact my body wanted to sleep at 9pm as a sign I should have an early night. So after recieving annoying texts during the initial “nap time” I extended the 20 minute window to an hour, to 2 hours and then at 12:15 woke up randomly as my lucid half dream/half awake state had me envisioning someone was standing in my room looking through my desk files.

This always juts me awake, as more oftehn then that I have a lucid vivid image of some being in my space and it takes a while to bring the heart rate back down when the sane, rational part of my cortex awakens from it’s REM.  Anyways, after waking my mind up, I find myself not able to disappear back into the slumnber due to the presence of my roommates musical choice at 12:20am.

*A sidebar: As I listen to what can easily determined as crap FM, I find myself thinking a few things. 1) how unfortunate/annoying is it that this person would choose 12:20am to “casually” listen to music at a level that through my closed door makes it exist within my room and 2) how sad it is that this persons musical tastes are from the oldies radio and are background filter and a stereo bigger then my TV screen, yet half as functionale. I literally feel that the oldies radio as main music is the time an individual gives up being functional and accepting alive. But more on that later*

But I’m lying here, debating either killing the radio station or slamming the door to her room in a fury of “are you stupid its 12:30am”. And I think naps are the worst societal event ever, yet can be the best. When done right, a Sunday afternoon nap that lets you feel refreshed, or a 20 minute power nap that rejuvinates you beyond the case of red bull, naps are AMAZE. But 90% of the time they are boring and failures.

It starts with the undenyable cotton mouth, that emerges and brings with it the even nastier nap breath. There is nothing less attractive besides the gunk beside the eye. At the same time, naps are never the deepest dreams. Sometimes at night your dreams can be elaborate and extensive, in naps they are a downpar of the crazy chaos swarming your head. Instead of encountering a foreign tribe when you win your oscar, you are merely collecting paper clips in oakville while at the same time chewing gum you found on your shoe. The dreams are downpared and are so exceplict you want to cry.

Then its the issue that a nap, meant to recharge you, often leads to the sleeping early aspect. Because after your nap has passed the 9pm mark, is it worth waking up, functioning and going about the day? Not likely..

anyways as I write this i realize its a flipping boring post. I just more cant stand my roommates music right now. Seriously why have “house wide music” playing at 12:30?!!


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Overheated equals devilish killer mode

Posted by popcornopinion on July 8, 2010

Wow! There is a huge heat wave in toronto that has created an unexplainable sticky feeling on everyone. There is no real relieve, even Air Conditioned homes are minor escapes from the overheating that is occuring. Furthermore, on the first day of the Heat Wave 2010, there was a massive power outage as everyone returned home from work and switched on the AC unit to full blast.  In fact as I type this, every few minutes I literally wipe the sweat from my forearms! My f!cking forearms!

But this heat is what I think has lead to my need to scream. I literally imagine myself standing in the middle of Yonge&Dundas Square and screaming at the top of my lungs. I don’t care who responds or notices, I just want to scream. I want to kick a few people in the shins and yell that they are ruining our planet by merely existing.

Of course this anger isnt like me. I’m not one to plot death to on too many people, however, when youre barely sleeping due to the uncomfortableness of the night, this is the only alternative. Literally, last night, I was sleeping decently when I awoke overly dehydrated. The debate occured in my head, walk to the bathroom and get cold fresh water, or test the water i got less then 3 hours ago….it tasted like summer car water. The bottle that had been sitting there for weeks and is fowl. I was extremely disappointed that my decision was the less beneficial to my situation.

But this heat has made me just want to kill. The slightest interaction causes me to want to punch someone flat in the face and say F! off for the minorist of offense. Please move on heat wave…Otherwise soon I might need to seek a partner who has a pool….I am currently resorting to swimming laps in my bathtub.

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Dating Sites = Relationship free Zones

Posted by popcornopinion on May 3, 2010

Today I encountered something that drives me up the wall. Now you are probably thinking, yeah but everything drives you up the wall, but this is one of those things that is just so utterly horrible it makes you want to scream.

Let me set the scene; I was logged onto one of the many online dating sites I regularly frequent. This one was less sexual then Manhunt and had a higher commitment factor then Craigslist. It was Plentyoffish. I dont know why people praise the POF, because in the year and a bit I’ve been on the site, I’ve meet one guy off of it. Literally, we went on one date and then he faded from oblivion.

I could excuse this to my profile being ugly, weak, boring, intimdating, that guy, whatever..but for some reason POF does not work for me. But that’s off topic. I was on POF and I messaged a guy who was sort of cute, but not overly hot. I figured, at this point in the game going out to practice is better then not doing anything, or some stupid sports comparison like that.

So I messaged buddy and asked what brought him to POF. Which for those who dont know is a regular question on these sites, other questions include; How’s it going? And Where did you take that one picture?

Anyways, I messaged half goodlooking guy and asked that question and he messaged back saying he was looking for friends, as he already had a boyfriend. WHAT THE FUCK!

Why do we have people on DATING sites, looking for friends. I don’t really understand this aspect or the reason we have this. Seriously, if you are single then Dating sites are for you. If you are not, dating sites are not for you.

I personal think there is too much emphasis on people in relationships, and if I’m resorting to an online dating service to meet someone do you really need to remind me that I’m still single?!! Seriously…

Dating Sites = Relationship free!

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How Will it End? – 30 rock

Posted by popcornopinion on May 2, 2010

Ever wonder about how your favorite shows or series might end? What is in store for the future of your favorite characters and their families? Often when it comes time for the series finale we are left disappointed and question if it really was the best ending. Sure there have been great series finales, Sex and the City, Saved by the Bell (when it got around to it), Dawson’s Creek, M*A*S*H and Cheers all come to mind. But then there also have been endings that were horrendous; Rosanne and Seinfeld to think of two.

So often I wonder, how will the end this show when it’s time. Will it be on a high? Will it just happen ala Arrested Development. Who knows. But that is why I have created the semi-irregular commentary, How Will it End?

Today’s visitor: 30 Rock.

This show obviously surveys first and foremost on the existence of Liz Lemon. When Tina Fey decides to step away from the show, and only then, will it be done. Because frankly no one else, nor any new character could carry on Liz’s story. (Scrubs should have realized that). The show is about Liz and specifically Liz and Jack’s relationship.

Now we don’t have to worry, because a Jack/Liz relationship would not occur, as this would undermine all the viewers and fans of the show, what Jack and Liz share is a relationship of love, but one that wouldn’t be fulfilled through sex. It’s more like my relationship with my vibrator, it gets the job done, we both mutual respect each other, and at the end of the day we realize we are there for each other but not together. So no, Jack and Liz will not fall and love and run off together…Here is my guess:

Jack will be offered a highend job at NBC where he is less involved with planning and TGS and more into Geist’s world. He will be wheeling and dealing in what he always dreamed of. In the process, a new CEO will come in who will decide to revamp all things NBC, including TGS, he will immediately cut Jenna who he deems to old, and change the TGS with Tracey Jordan to TGSWTJ with Hot New Actress. This will shock Tracy who wants to leave, and Jenna who doesnt want to leave. They decide to schedule a sit in on the set, which numerous members of the cast, and writers start joining for various reasons.

When Liz hears of the firing and redoing she immediately heads to Jack to sort things out as she normally does. At this point she discovers Jack is no longer in charge and she doesn’t know what to do. Jack informs her his hands are tied. Liz is tired of it all and decides she is going to leave TGS for good. She quits. However, her contract states she must stay with the show till it is cancelled by NBC, a loophole Jack got her to sign back in Season 1 when he offered her a plate of donuts.

Liz is disheartened and doesnt know what to do. Jack realizing how upset she was still working for NBC and losing her passion, he does the only thing that can relieve Liz’s contract, he to quits, citing another loophole that TGS would not stay on the air if Jack left NBC, he said this was done to ensure they didnt repeat the Conan Leno fiasco of 2010. Jack quits and leaves his prestige followed by Lemon, and the rest of the now fired TGS gang.

Liz turns to Jack and asks what they are going to do now, and Jack responds, “I don’t know about you Lemon, but I’ve invested millions of dollars in Twitter back when it was just a Twat…it’s all in a bank off the shore of Bermuda.” And walks away as Liz goes “NerdBalls”.

Finally in the tag we see Kenneth training a new page that happens to be Jenna, who just cant leave NBC.

That be a hot ending.

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How Freddy Failed

Posted by popcornopinion on May 2, 2010

I didn’t go to see the new Nightmare on Elm Street with a hope to be blown away; so it was a pleasant surprise that the film kept me running for a washroom run until the last 20 minutes of the movie. Which is impressive considering that I had a large pop that was over half empty by the time the first image appeared on-screen.

Anyways, like I said, I wasn’t expecting amazing from Freddy’s latest adventure, but I was pleasantly surprised by the jump factor that this new adventure allowed. The film was excellent for making me predict Freddy’s sudden appearance and then waiting patiently for a few more seconds, thus increasing the heart rate. In the same time, the film flowed easily as any typical horror film of the last 10 years would…But thats about as far as it got. There was nothing unique about this film, nothing that would make me remember it in 2 months, or let alone 2 days.

I think there are 5 big FAILS that show the glaring faults of the film.

1) The opening Credit sequence – In the opening credits, the names of the cast and writers etc was scrawled on the sidewalk of the playground in itchy chalk. This would have sufficed to set up the feel of the film; however the production team clearly didn’t think this was going to be obvious enough…So super imposed in simple Times New Roman font is the writer/actors/etc’s names. You may say, but Topher, the credits shouldnt FAIL a film, but the issue was that the original plan was creepy enough that you saw it got a brought into the story. The fact that the production team decided to superimpose the white titles, shows they were more concerned with their billing then with creating an atmosphere of a horror film.

2) Kellan Lutz Dies – This was a total waste, but clearly homage to Janet Leigh in Psycho and Later Drew Barrymore in Scream. Lutz is the most known actor in the movie, and by far the sexiest…this hunk of meat should be paraded around naked throughout the entire film for the benefit of us all. Yet he is killed in the first sequence (opps spoiler alert)

3) All the Mothers are Real Housewives – What happened to the day when parents of teenagers were well, not parents. The Walsh’s in 90210 weren’t 29. This is a factor that majorly killed it for me in this movie….all the actresses that played mothers, especially the main characters mother, look no older than 35. they are all blonde, skinny, perfectly tan and look like they stumbled out of an episode of Real Housewives of Insert Name of City here. It was so distracting, how can this 17 year old girl be the daughter of a woman barely over 35. Even if she was 40, that make her 23 when she had the kid, but if that was the case, as a single mother I can promise she wouldn’t be that nicely dressed and never wearing heels.

4) the Deaths weren’t original – One thing I remember about the original series was the deaths were original, since Freddy could kill within the dreams and inturn within nightmares. However, in this film that wasnt the case. Literally all the characters, except for Lutz, died in similar ways, or generic horror movie deaths. To be honest, Freddy not withstanding, this was just another typical horror film when it came to deaths. Where was the originality of location etc.

5) Where was Freddy’s humour – One of the original aspects of the film was Freddy’s humour, albeit dark, when he was killing people. He would always make some snarky comment before he killed someone and you would chuckle at yourself saying, thank god he did that because I was thinking it. But in this movie, the producers wanted to go with a more “real” feel (remember he was killing people in their dreams…thats not real…I don’t know what is) and so they toned down Freddy’s personality and made him just an ahole. Complete waste of a great character.

Bonus Fail

6) whats with anorexic actresses – Since living in residence and all that I have been more aware of the issues surrounding woman’s bodies more and more, and I want to know whats the trend to have women that are so skinny its unhealthy. If I can see your collar bones it means you are TOOO fucking skinny. Time to eat biatch. So in this film, the 2 main female character are both soo ridiculously skinny, you can only imagine their Real housewife mothers are the one gagging them. But this is heightened even more so as the characters become sleep deprived and start having bags under their eyes. Little known fact to those ED out there, we can tell by your eyes, they usually are sunken and sullen, or looks like you are overtired. So thus, these “overtired’ girls, look more like deathly anorexic….It was nerve disturbing.

So the question is, do I recommend this movie. In the theatres or rental yes…However, dont expect much. To fans of the original franchise, I can promise you wont like this film…to those younger then the Friday movies….enjoy the shit that is horror today.

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Oscar Blog 2010

Posted by popcornopinion on March 7, 2010

Well again another year has come and we turn to picking the “Best” movies of 2009. I love the Oscars, ever since I was about 14 when I would skip dinner to watch the extravagant night…Why my parents never allowed me to eat dinner in front of the TV alludes me, however, needless to say, that golden night is one that I love.

Now that the year is here, its time to create my list for 2009 Oscar winners….This blog is a tradition as I love guessing even if I’m completely off. However, I do find sometimes I can find the trend based on word of mouth, other award shows, and oscar trends. Of course these aren’t always truthful as can be seen in the incident of Brokeback Mountain.

The movie about the gay cowboys had won the best picture award at every previous award show leading up to the night. BAFTA”s, SGA, PGA, DGA….and then it lost to the great film Crash. However, it is the first movie in the 70 plus years of the Oscars to suffer such an upset.

Anyways, that’s pointless…let’s move on to my picks for the 2009 Oscars.



Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart

George Clooney for Up in the Air

Colin Firth for A Single Man

Morgan Freeman for Invictus

Jeremy Renner for Hurt Locker

In this category I see no real outstanding performances; all though I loved Up in the Air, I found Clooney’s performance one of his blandest. At the same time, Freeman is at a disadvantage as there has only been a few Oscars given to people for playing real persons (Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn being one.) Crazy Heart is such a small demographic of fans, as is A Single Man. Finally, Jeremy is so new to the show.

Barbara Walters is saying Jeff Bridges, as she feels its his time….However I also think Clooney may have a chance as he is a Hollywood’s best friend, while at the same time days before the nominations he did organize the whole Haiti Fundraiser with all his peers.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Colin Firth – for continuously great performances

WHO WILL WIN: George Clooney (60%) or Jeff Bridges (40%)




Matt Damon for Invictus

Woody Harrelson in The Messenger

Christopher Plummer in the Last Station

Stanley Tucci in The Lovely Bones

Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds

This category has some amazingly routinely good performers, but routinely great? Both Woody and Matt have done crapshots or fun pictures. Luckily Woody wont have to worry about a Norbert issue with Zombieland and 2012 as both proved to be successful if not Oscar quality.

This is Plummer’s first career nominations, which is surprising for a performer who has continuously been of quality. Tucci is another person with amazing performances and skill, however Lovely Bones wasn’t a good platform for him. Waltz however is receiving the most amount of Praise, looking at trends I am gonna support he will take it.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Plummer for his career





Sandra Bullock for The Blindside

Helen Mirren in the Last Station

Carey Mulligan in An Education

Gabourey Sidibe in Precious

Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia

Let’s be straight, there are really to people who might take the trophy home; Meryl and Sandy. Helen is the same old nomination that either needs to go to her or Judi Dench….one needs to be nominated each year, I believe it’s a deal with the Queen. I haven’t watched Precious yet, however I am sure Gabourey’s performance is similar to Carey’s in An Education. In An Education, Carey is engaging, cute and smart….however the supporting characters really helped her deliver. I think Gabourey and Carey will have stellar careers as long as they make the right choices, but no oscar today.

Now let’s talk Sandy and Meryl. On the one side is Sandy; everyone in Hollywood loves her (remember they are voted on by peers) and she has never been nominated before despite consistently good romantic comedys. However she did make All About Steve. On the other hand is Meryl. Nominated virtually any time she goes out, many might think she is already praised and thus lets give it to someone else. Again she is a performer that everyone wants to work with, and maybe the Oscar karma gods require us to vote for her because of that. However, as mentioned above, very few actors win acting awards for portraying a real person. And if we hold All About Steve against Sandy, let’s not forget She-Devil and that Robert Redford-Tom Cruise film….

So thus in this popularity contest do we vote for Miss Congeniality or the Valedictorian?

WHO SHOULD WIN: For Career Sandra Bullock, but not for The Blindside

WHO WILL WIN: Meryl Streep




Penelope Cruz in Nine

Vera Farmiga in Up in the Air

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Crazy Heart

Anna Kendrick in Up in the Air

Mo’Nique in Precious

Let’s just take Penelope out of the picture…when a film gets only 1 of the top nominations (Director, Writer, Actor, Actress, Film) it doesn’t stand much chance. And Penelope won last year, its virtually unheard of to win back to back. (Tom Hanks did it first in 1990’s)

Then there’s the Up in the Air girls, Vera was sooooo boring I could have done with out her, however Anna is amazingly stellar. Her performance was unimaginably perfect. At the same time Maggie is someone I continuously love and enjoy, however she has not had a golden performance yet.

Then there is Mo’ …..She practically won over the crowd at the Golden Globes, as she made a moving speech that was reaired over and over again. Her empowerment of herself and black woman certainly will play out.







Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Princess and the Frog

The Secret of Kells


This is the first time since the category was created in 2002 that 5 films have been nominated. It’s really unfortunate because you see the Princess and the Frog up there, a classic animated Disney feature and you just realize how many Oscars were lost before. (The Only animated ever nominated for Best picture: Beauty and the Beast). The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid would have all taken home the statue. Instead, now a Pixar Disney film will likely steal from the dying art.

My only concern is that people won’t vote for UP as they are also voting for UP in Best Picture. The problem that might arise with the Ten nominees is split votes, which could mean that smaller votes can win the title.






The Imaginarium of Doctor  Parnassus


Sherlock Holmes

The Young Victoria

This is where we reach the categories that no one really pays attention to and no one really understands what the award represents. Traditionally speaking period pieces take home this award. However, special effects can play out. I believe Avatar will take a large chunk of technical awards so this maybe the first for this category.






Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The Hurt Locker

Inglourious Basterds

The White Ribbon

Despite being popular, Harry Potter will not win this award, it is it’s only nominee and not likely to dominate Avatar. I believe Avatar will take this home, however if the trend is “everyone else is going to vote for Avatar, so I’ll throw ___ a bone’ there is a chance it might reduce Avatar’s chance.

WHO WILL WIN: Avatar (or Hurt Locker if thrown a bone)




Bright Star

Coco Before Chanel

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnssus


The Young Victoria

WHO Will WIN: The Young Victoria – traditional films tend to win this category despite everything else




The Hurt Locker

Inglourious Basterds


Up in the Air

I think this is a fun category, especially considering James Cameron (Avatar) and Kathryn Bigelow  (The Hurt Locker) used to be married….The two films battling it out for movie of 2009, wonder if its bitter justice for the marriage.

I wish Inglourious Basterds would be a great choice for best director, As Tarantino deserves something for his entire career. Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction are amazing films, however Tarantino will not beat out the two fore runners. Also Up in the air was a great movie, however, again not Best of these 5.

The question is do people vote on critical or hype?

WHO WILL WIN; Hurt Locker if Critical trend (and BAFTAS).



Burma VJ

The Cove

Food Inc

The Most Dangerous Man in America

Which Way Home

WHO WILL WIN:  The Cove – Largest amount of press



China’s Unnatural Disaster

The Last Campaign of Governor Booth Gardner

The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant

Music by Prudence

Rabbit a la Berlin

WHO WONT WIN: The Last Truck as stories re: economic situations aren’t well received

WHO WILL WIN: Music By Prudence




District 9

The Hurt Locker

Inglorious Basterds


Again, what exactly is film editing and what do the editors who vote look for? I think its likely that District 9 will take home the prize as it’s the most elaborate editing between footage, as it was loosely improvised. The Question is does the Avatar take home another couple awards?

WHOWILL WIN: District 9



Ajami – Israel

El Secreto de Sus Ojos – Argentina

The Milk of Sorrow – Peru

Un Prophete – France

The White Ribbon – Germany

WHO WILL WIN: Argentina or France ….always popular countries



Il  Divo

Star Trek

The Young Victoria

WHO WILL WIN: As much as I loved Star Trek, chances are Il Divo will win based on the real person makeup required. However, I think it actually will be period piece Young Victoria




Fantastic Mr. Fox

The Hurt Locker

Sherlock Holmes


Although Avatar was a great movie, as well as Hurt Locker and even decent Sherlock Holmes, I think the strength of a film like Up is from the score, and so likely it will take it.




Almost There from Princess and the Frog

Down in New Orleans from Princess and the Frog

Loin de Paname from Paris 36

Take it All from Nine

The Weary King from Crazy Heart

This category maybe the only crowing glory for the unpopular Princess and the Frog. Disney needs something from this adventure, it will for sure represent the end of the classic animation style. Randy Newman is also a very popular song writer with the Academy. The only other possible choice would be The Weary Kind from Crazy Heart as its different from the rest of the pack.

WHO WILL LIKELY WIN: Down in New Orleans



French Roast

Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty

The Lady and the Reaper


A Matter of Loaf and Death

WHO WILL WIN: The Lady and the Reaper



The Door

Instead of Abracadabra


Miracle Fish

The New Tenants





The Hurt Locker

Inglorious Basterds

Star Trek


Animated films tend not to go very far in oscar categories. And as much as I love Star Trek I worry that Avatar will take the technical awards.






The Hurt Locker

Inglourious Basterds

Star Trek

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

WHO SHOULD WIN:   Hurt Locker or Star Trek





District 9

Star Trek

This is the crapshoot category. Can you imagine being Star Trek or District 9 and thinking to yourself that you are up against the most revolutionary film in special effects since Star Wars? Since the first film?!! Let’s be honest! Both are amazing movies….yet this award was created for Avatar.




District 9

An Education

In the Loop


Up in the Air

I didn’t know District 9 was an adapted screenplay, but I guess it makes sense as its based loosely on the situation in Africa right now. However, I think the best script in this pack was Up in The Air. Jason Reitman wrote perfectly the characters and the incidents, it may not be the best movie, but it’s the best script in this group.

WHO WILL WIN:  Up in the Air



The Hurt Locker

Inglourious Basterds

The Messenger

A Serious Man


I would love Taratino to finally be praised for his amazing writing abilities, from Kill Bill to Pulp Fiction, I will say it again, he has one of the best script writing skills ever. However, I am certain Hurt Locker will take it based on the praise the movie has received in the industry.

WHO SHOULD WIN: Inglourious Basterds

WHO WILL WIN:  The Hurt Locker




The Blind Side

District 9

An Education

The Hurt Locker

Inglourious Basterds


A Serious Man


Up in the Air

For the first time since Casablanca there are 10 nominations for Best Picture. What does this represent? Well it makes more money for the industry as a “Nominated for Best Picture” label on a DVD makes the rental increase by at least 30%. But it also makes us realize how many great movies are/were made each year.

I am trying to watch all 10 movies before the Oscars tomorrow, which is proving difficult. So far I have gotten through: 4.5 of the 10, I have 2 more downloaded, and will rent 2 more. I just need to rent the last one.

All the movies are great so far, and I can see why they are nominated however only 2 films stand out as real contenders; Avatar and Hurt Locker. And the question is where does the academy vote. This is the only category that everyone in the Academy is able to vote for, thus it is the most spread. I wonder if that will effect the larger margin of the win or lesser. Instead of 30% of the vote against 5, could the top film get 15% and win?

Anyways, I think after everything its gonna come down to Avatar and The Hurt Locker, however I think James Cameron will need to smile and look happy for his Ex-wife as I am feeling Kathryn will take home the award for Hurt Locker.

WHO WILL WIN: Hurt Locker

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“I Ain’t Gay (but my boyfriend is)” – Mark Day

Posted by popcornopinion on January 18, 2010 presents the newest music video from their comedy team

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Vampires are not sexy

Posted by popcornopinion on January 13, 2010

Ok so I love the TV show True Blood, I wont lie if someone as hot as Erik offered to have sex with me and the only twist is he might kill me….well who knows…..

But the idea of Vampires and vampire sex isn’t sooo hot when you are in the passion of the moment. You see that show has taught us one thing about Vampires; if they did exist we would be turned on a lot and wouldn’t realize what was happening until the sucked our blood. Recently, I had a sexual encounter that had me for a few moments go….aww fuck is this shit real!

Here’s the low down.

I had gone to see my booty call friend, a guy, we will call him Erik for the sake of the story. Erik invited me over and we were going at it as we normally do, enjoying the moments. Now we had only bootied once before, so we are still new and fresh. I tought he told me he loved having his nipples bitten, so I was willing to do that, as I’m a good bottom. So I’m doing what I need to do and Erik is reacting.

Now anyone whose engaged in the act of dirty sexual behaviour knows that the sounds between ecstasy and pain are very close, and sometimes unrecognizable. Well this was the case for Erik, turns out I was hurting him. So he starts making this growling noises, truly weird noises, and says, “I can bite too”.

I laugh it off, and he said, “No I like to bite into you when I’m really turned on.”

At this point I kind of pause and go pardon. My head starts racing; I’ve never seen this guy in the day, I can’t check the reflection thing because that’s a common lie. He likes the lights off, he is charming enough to seduce me, maybe I am actually hooked up with a Vampire…maybe they do exist.

He is still making the noise and glaring at me, and my heart is racing, and not in a good way. I put my hand under his neck, casually as if I am kissing him but ready to protect myself (who am I kidding?? A vampire doesn’t care about that). He grabs my hand and I fight back a bit, at first thinking all shit.

Problem is he thinks I’m playing along ….SAFE WORD?! Whats the fing SAFE WORD??

I panic and look into his eyes, I need to know what the f is happening. I glance down at his teeth, afraid I will see fangs, as True Blood vampires can’t hide them when they are truly turned on. I am scared and then he realizes it…he says, I want your hand somewhere else.

He guides it down and like that he’s back to normal. We joked about it later, at how weird it was.

“I thought you were playing”….

But still how do you deal with that??? Thoughts? What would you do?

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Laptop Only Parking

Posted by popcornopinion on January 2, 2010

Alright so here’s the deal! When I go to Starbucks with my laptop, I am fully prepared for a day of hardworking laptop loving. But theres an ongoing trend occuring!

People are parking their butts in tables and locations near power outlets. On average the typical Starbucks has 2 or 3 public outlets. This is very limiting to those of us with horrible computers that run on 1 hour of battery life. We need the power as our computer wont last. Now, since you have come to chat with your girlfriends or on a random date of sorts, I think you should be secondary to those bettering our day by being creative. So thus there should be laptop priority parking.

Similar to handicap parking or parking for mothers and such, how about laptop only areas. Corners that if you dont bring your laptop, if you are coming to read the paper and drink your coffee, are off limits. Do you not realize how annoying this is!

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The New Decade

Posted by popcornopinion on December 24, 2009

Well it’s that time again; we begin reflecting on the last 365 days and wondering what landmark events, advacements, public figures or moments will be seered into our social conscience as a representation of our past year. However, with 2009 closing and 2010 we are in an even grander moment, because we can reflect on not only the past 365 days but the past 3650 days. The decade marks a unique change for us. There has been a lot that has occured in the last 10 years, and here is my discussion on the 10 most impactful moments, towards my social conscience of the period.

There is no particular order to this list, but rather a summary of things that stand out when I think of the last ten years. What are yours?

1) Sept 11th, 2001

I think this event will resignate on many people’s lists. Especially those in North America and industrialized countries. We all were shocked that September morning when we heard news that a mediorcely famous building in NYC was attacked by terroists, a term that in the next 8 years would take on a whole new meaning. A word with no real definition but a simple one to associate fear with an individual or a group.

As the day unfolded we all sat in shock and fear as we saw the 2nd building get hit, both buildings collapse, another plane hit the pentagon, another crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, and the city of New York was covered in Ash. Images emerged that many of us would never forget, of people running in fear. The world sat in awe.

Over the course of the next few months and then eventual years the pendelum of the Sept 11th Attacks swung back and forth. It became a sore spot for many. It became a political fiasco for more. Reports were published saying it was an inside job, countries and people were destroyed for being associated with it, both in North America and across the country. Osama Bin Ladin became a name that even kindergarten children knew and understood. But inevitably the day, and the week after Sept 11th, was one moment where we all felt what it was like to be a community.

2) Reality TV

Although the idea of “Real People” on camera wasnt a new concept, in the Summer of 2000 it was brought to a new level. Like Ford making the assembly line, when the first episode of Survivor premired on May 31st, 2000, very few of its viewers thought the show would change the face of television forever. Infact it took about 4 to 5 episodes before it had turned into a watercooler experience. People across North America tuned in week to week to see if Richard Hatch would get it or if Rudy would realize he was gay.

The finale was watched by over 51.7 million people and would continue on for 20 more seasons (and counting). Beyond the series, there was a birth of a new form of TV, quickly networks clamoured after the cheaper alternatives to scripted television. We saw the premiere of shows like Big Brother, Fear Factor, The Simple Life, Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?, Joe Millionaire, The Amazing Race . . . the list goes on.

Any given year, at least 2 or 3 new series premiere, but luckily we dont have 40 a season like we did after Survivors domination. It’s undeniable though, that the moment we saw the Castaways jump off that boat and we meet Jeff Probst, our way of primetime tv life was changed.

3) Perez Hilton

Love or hate him, this Online Gossip Queen has revolutionized the way we view the public figures in our lives. He also has changed our reading habits and where we go for our source information.

In 2005, Perez decided to start blogging, because it seemed easy. His caddy and open response to celebrity gossip was something people were drawn to. For some reason, the public enjoyed his drawings on celebrity photos and were excited to see how Perez, a regular like them was able to get so close to the celebrities we “worshipped.”

Over the years, Perez began becoming more selective in who he attacked and he supported, and undeniably left the “regular person” side to become a celebrity in his own right. (Create your own fame?…another thing for the decade?). Perez became someone that people would turn to first for information. If a celebrity was reported as dead, injured or in an affair, we would turn to Perez as the first source. On top of that, the accessibility of Perez’s site meant that were we sought our celebrity news was changed drastically. People magazine, Us Weekly etc were now lagging behind and cost 500% more then a click on the site. Perez altered the magazine world drastically.

And the question is, now that he is one of the worlds most famous bloggers and a celebrity in his own right, is Perez someone we can turn to for insider “celebrity gossip from an outsider view”?

4) Goodbye Sitcom, Hello Heartattack TV

Leading up to 2000 and early in the decade we saw the end of the last must see TV shows; Seinfeld bowed out in 1998, Friends and Frasier in 2004, and Will & Grace in 2006. These 22 minutes of comedy were phased out slowly by an aging cast but even more by the new trend in television of shows like 24 and Lost. Shows that created a cliffhanger before each commerical, thus creating the heart attack effect.

The shows kept it’s viewers on the edge of their seats, and they all tuned in weekly, and waited intensely to figure out what the Island is? or Why did Mary Alice kill herself? We as a culture found ourselves longing for must see tv that required a constant need for more and more and more. We didn’t want our stories to be neatly wrapped up in one or two episodes, but we longed for tv that was extended over months and seasons.

5) Blackberry and it’s friends

Remember when our phones had attena’s and were too big to carry in our pockets? Okay remember when our phones didnt automatically come with cameras? or Ring tones had to be downloaded and really only the Super Mario Brothers one sounded like it was supposed to? Well if you cant remember any of that, do you remember how text message was a concept that no one understood, and those who had it could never text anyone else because no one used it?

The Blackberry first hit the market as a phone in 2002, and over the next 7 years it emerged as a culturally excepted socializing tool. It became normal and accepted for someone to “listen” to you while at the same time reading something on their blackberry. In fact, blackberries become so normal that more people have blackberries (or a data efficent cell phone) then a landline. The cell phone has advanced so much in 10 years, that its hard to imagine the days when Zack Morris couldnt hide the beast of a phone.

6) Facebook, Youtube and other Social Networks
Not that long ago, I signed up for Facebook at the encouragement of my then boyfriend. He was on it with a few friends and it was still “new”. There was hardly anyone on and my network was maybe 15 people. Fastforward 3 years and suddenly, my Facebook has 681 friends, hundreds of photos and the site has become a part of our daily venacular.

Youtube was also the same way, what started out as a little home for the odd funny video slowly exploded into a huge multimillion dollar home for everything you would possibly want to watch in under 2 minutes. Music videos, tv clips, movie clips, funny edited videos. For a while there we thought the site would become useless but after companies realized youtube can help them instead of hinder them, many embraced it.

Inevitably the site has taken off, spuring the online video market as well as the need for short and quick comedy making SNL harder and harder to stay afloat.

7) Retiring the VHS, Growth of the DVD

When Blockbuster told its employees internally that 2004’s Meet the Fockers was going to be the last VHS they brought in, we had finally stepped into the next realm. At this point most people had a DVD player, but also still chose VHS when it was available. As I saw us phase out the VHS, and then eventually sell off/destroy all VHS stock, I saw the change in the home entertainment collection.

VHS was a relatively new product as it was, but when DVDs became the only form of production, we saw the prices of the products drop drastically. Add in that they could have special features, we were compelled to buy special editions or extended versions. Add in the fact that 5 DVD’s are approximately the same size as 1 VHS, the growth of DVD collections and ownership grew tremendously.

Like the Records of the 70’s, DVD’s accessiblity meant some had hundreds. Thank god Blu-ray players will play these movies, as I cant imagine replacing them all.

8) Time to Come out 

Although the 90’s saw some major advancements in our GLBT visibility with shows like Will & Grace, and of course Ellen graciously being the first to say “yep I’m gay”, 2000-2009 was the year of GLBT individuals coming out in mass. Neil Patrick Harris, Lance Bass, Rosie O’Donnell, Clay Aiken, TR Knight, Luke MacFarlane, Scott Evans, and a slew more, all stepped out as Gay men and Women. The decade saw us not only embrace these gay folks, but rather showcase them as happy and adjusted homosexuals.

Prior to this, Ellen was one of the few talked about gays, now it’s just as normal to read about NPH and his husband as it is to read about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Add in that TR, NPH and Luke have all recieved recognition as sexiest men and have been marketed to women as “ideal but unattainable” is another big thing for the decade. Gay cele bs are no longer considered doomed to typecasting.

9) Creating your own fame

It might be Youtube, it might be Perez, it might even be facebook. But its undeniable that the past decade was the emergance of self made fame. Starting with already ‘successful” people like Paris Hilton and working up to the now infamous Bubble Boy, our culture is now obessed with the idea of becoming famous for being famous. Individuals strive for this as a defintion of success in life.

We have people like Paris, who is known more for her sex tapes, shopping sprees and average trips to the grocery store being featured on magazines that also talk about Jon and Kate or a boy whose Dad asked him to hide in the rafters as he became known worldwide as Bubble Boy. 2000 saw the emergance of the idea of self made fame, that isnt validated by skills or abilities but rather by outragous actions.

10) Goodbye Free Pop under the Cap

Finally, the saddest change in the past decade was the disappearance of the free pop under the bottle of Coke. It used to be 1 in 6 was a winner, and so for every 6 pops you would get a free one. A perfectly valid and useful program, well maybe not useful or valid, but least it made it a little more fun. But as the decade changed, we saw the prominence of online webcodes and websites to represent the same pop linear contest. Now a can of coke never gave anything for free, but rather a website. Go to the website and fill out a form and suddenly you are now entered for loads of prizes. But a free pop? Yeah who needs that?!

In Conclusion….

The past 10 years has been a wealth of changes for us, in culture, technology, politics and world events. We experienced so much in the past 10 years since Y2K scared us all, that its hard to imagine another 10 years and where we will be. Inevitably somewhere completely different. But hopefully the Ipod is still around.

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